Our Server Rules

Our rules for the CreeperIsland server are below. They are simple and easy to understand so all players can enjoy the server.

1. No Griefing
Destroying anyone's creations on the server is not acceptable. People who grief other peoples creations will be banned from the server.
2. Do not use cheats, hacks or exploits of any kind
This also means the use of modified clients to give the user any advantages is also banned. We do allow the use of Minimaps but anything else is not acceptable.
3. No Advertising
We do not allow you to advertise on the server. No one likes ads.
4. Treat all members with respect
We do not want to see arguments on the server. Treat other players the way you would like them to treat you.
5. Bad Language
While we do allow users to swear on the server. We do not accept any sort of abusive language towards others and this also includes racism. Please do remember that young players may also be on the server.
6. Have fun
While we do have these rules in place we do want you to enjoy yourself and have fun!